SAVE 10% on all $50+ Bags and Donate a Chick to a Family Overcoming Poverty

SAVE 10% on all $50+ Bags and Donate a Chick to a Family Overcoming Poverty

Fair Trade Jewelry and Ethical Fashion

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Fashion as a Force for Good

“I was married off as a child, but he left me and our 3 children. Trades of Hope is giving us valuable work to achieve our hopes and dreams. It’s important that women become empowered & independent. It gives us strength. We’ve learned to speak what we believe in.”
– Mosmeen, Artisan Partner in India
Mosmeen's Story of Hope in India Blog

When You Shop, You Are:

Creating Jobs for Women Overcoming Poverty

Keeping Loved Children Out of Orphanages

Preventing Human Trafficking & Supporting Survivors

Educating Girls Who Used to be Overlooked

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“Mother and daughter team, Elisabeth and Gretchen Huijskens, built their company for the sake of empowering women across the globe in hopes of eliminating poverty and trafficking.”

Founded by Women for Women

Trades of Hope helps women live the lives they were created to live.

For women abroad who are rising out of poverty, that means giving them the opportunity to provide food, education and health care for their families, inviting them into a community where they feel valued, and presenting a path to live up to their fullest potential.

For women in the US, it provides something similar: Community with like-minded friends, earning an income while making an impact, and an avenue to provide for her family with her family.

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