7 Easter Gifts That Make the World a Better Place

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1. Clarita the Pig from Mexico!

Fair Trade Fun for Kids!

Clarita the Pig is fair-trade fun at its best! Handcrafted by Artisans in Mexico, this whimsical creature is bringing hope to families in areas of extreme poverty.

Clarita is the perfect blend of Artisan tradition and eco-friendly design with hand-embroidered multi-color cotton and upcycled wool yarn.

Every pig has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Every purchase supports families in areas of extreme poverty in Mexico.
My Mommy Makes Clarita the Pig!

Preserving the ancient culture and traditions of their Mayan ancestors, this little girl’s mommy, Abigail, makes fair-trade fun for kids!

Abigail spins wool into thread, and then using a traditional backstrap loom, she weaves it into clothing for her family.

Abigail then uses the scraps to sew festive traditional stuffed animals like Clarita!

Every purchase supports her business that supports several local families in her village.

2. Mosaic Clutch from Guatemala!

Keeping Families Together!

For years, Clara’s job kept her from being with her family.

Then she built a workshop in her home so she could work with her husband and have more time to spend with her children.

When other parents from her village still needed to travel far away to earn enough income to feed their families, Clara invited them to become Artisans in her workshop.

Now these parents in Guatemala can feed their children, send them to school, and enjoy spending time with their families.

Eco-friendly Upcycled Mayan Fabrics!

This colorful clutch will brighten everyone’s Easter Baskets with upcycled Huipil!

Featuring genuine leather trim, wristlet strap, and zipper closure, this versatile petite bag is stylishly lined with card pockets will keep all of your valuables safe and organized.

Made in Guatemala from upcycled women’s blouse fabric called Huipil, each pattern is symbolic and represents the woman’s ancestral village.

Every eco-friendly Mosaic Clutch features totally unique patterns and colors with variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

3. Turtle & Bunny Backpacks from Guatemala!

Eco-friendly Upcycled Mayan Tipico!

Handcrafted in Guatemala from upcycled traditional Mayan tipico fabric, every 100% cotton Turtle Backpack and Bunny Backpack features a drawstring closure and totally unique patterns and colors.

Send your kids to school with this adorable Turtle Backpack or Bunny Backpack to help moms in Guatemala send their kids to school too!

Every backpack is totally unique and has variations as a part of the Artisan-made charm!

Every purchase supports women in areas of extreme poverty in Guatemala.


Helping Women Overcome Discrimination!

In Guatemala, many women struggle against discrimination, abuse, poverty, and heartache.

But these women are now becoming proud business owners!

By utilizing their traditional skills, they are able to create beautiful products that reflect their culture.

They can provide for their families at home rather than leaving in search of work and can also send their children to school to pursue their dreams.

This is because people like you support them through fashion as a force for good!

4. Woodland Friends from India!

Friends Come in All Shapes and Colors!

This set of three adorable stuffed animals from India is timeless fair-trade fun with classic designs and colors.

Mouse, Rabbit, and Fox are ready for adventure on the go in their coordinating drawstring storage pouch.

Every purchase of these Woodland Friends helps provide opportunities for women to earn an income, attend financial management classes, and receive education and healthcare.


Empowering Women Out of Poverty!

Rinku is a young mother and talented Artisan who specializes in tailoring.

She joined her Artisan community with some basic sewing skills but has become much more confident with the training and practice she has gained from her fellow Artisans.

Her income helps her provide a comfortable home and good education for her son and daughter.

5. Royal Persian Puppets from India!

Empowering Vulnerable Women

Many of these Artisans are women with disabilities, widows, and women overcoming poverty and abuse.

This Artisan community is dedicated to providing vulnerable women in India with training and education, so they can learn how to become independent.

These women learn how to sew and sell handmade toys to provide their families with food, clothing, and a safe place to live.


Puppets That Fight Poverty!

This pair of whimsical puppets is handcrafted by Artisans in India with upcycled fabrics.

Every king and queen’s roral robe is totally unique!

Every purchase provides education, job training, and opportunities for safe dignified jobs with fair wages for vulnerable women in areas of extreme poverty.

Your purchase empowers these women to become the heroes of their own stories.

6. Flora Basket from Uganda!

Eco-friendly Natural Plant Dyes!

This Flora Basket is handwoven from native grasses in Uganda.

Batwa conservation refugees use traditional natural plant dyes to create colorful patterns inspired by the mountains of their beloved homeland.

Every purchase supports Batwa refugees.
Empowering Refugee Women!

The Batwa people of Uganda became conservation refugees when they were forced from their ancient rainforest homeland.

Despised by their countrymen and denied basic human rights, mothers weave these traditional baskets, working to save their children from starvation and keep their families together.

7. Floral Vines Kimono from India!

She Traveled 1,500 Miles to Find Hope!

When Maya arrived at this workshop, she was in bad condition. After her husband had traveled to the Middle East as a laborer, he never sent any money or contacted her again.

Maya was left alone to care for their six-year-old child and newborn baby with no home, income, or support of any kind. Finally, after a devastating earthquake, Maya left Nepal with her two young children to search for their relatives in India.

Together they traveled over 1,500 miles by road and train until they reached the west coast of India where her relatives worked as Artisans.

The entire community of Artisans welcomed them with open arms. Now Maya earns a living wage and is able to provide for her family’s needs.

Nothing Celebrates Spring Like Florals!

This elegant kimono is made by women in areas of extreme poverty in India. Years ago, a Spanish missionary was so moved with compassion for the women she met in India’s slums that she moved there to spend the rest of her life helping them find ways to empower themselves out of poverty.

Today, social workers in these same slums offer vulnerable and disadvantaged women opportunities to learn Artisan skills like stitching, so they can earn income as fair-trade Artisans.

Each woman receives up to six months of sewing training and if she’s unable to master her sewing skills, she is offered alternative job opportuntities like working in the communitiy’s packed lunch food program.

Every purchase supports a woman in need.
Trades of Hope is partnering to empower women out of poverty & human trafficking in 19 countries.

Every purchase supports women & families in areas of extreme poverty.

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